We are a team of enthusiasts from Russia: farmers and IT professionals, united by one idea. Our idea is to attract investments and implement the EcoPole project with the help of the blockchain technology, to show by our own example the path of possible development of the real sector of the economy with the use of new information technologies. We believe that the main attraction criterion for successful investment is openness, honesty, simplicity of interactions and mutual settlements between the start-up and investors. We are going to try to implement this approach.



Dynamics of prices for a token on the Waves blockchain



(2018 year)

Market Overview.

With our personal economic management experience and analysis of the problems of selling agricultural products, we realized that the farm products are in high-demand and popular but, at the same time, costly, low-quality and suffer from poor distribution.
In our opinion, this situation has developed for a number of reasons:

  • Monopolization of the food market by networks and retailers.

  • Low level of equipment and education in production.

  • Lack of uniform quality standards and recipes.

  • Low competition among commodity producers.

  • Overestimated prefixes like "eco" and "bio" embedded in the value of the product.

The estimation of the crypto-currency market.

A small number of projects in the real sector of the economy. The lack of a legal field that legitimizes the ICO market and the distribution of crypto-currencies. The lack of information in the media or advertising examples of the use of digital tools. High risks of investment losses from scammers and the so-called scum in the ICO market. High volatility of the crypto-currency rates. We see the potential for the development of the crypto-currency market as a new economic system.

Evaluation of the agricultural market.

To develop their own production, farmers need free capital that most of them do not have. Loans are inaccessible or have a high interest rate. The attraction of private capital is difficult due to the lack of perfect instruments of mutual settlement and the relatively long payback period of agricultural projects. We can see soil fertility degrading due to the use of pesticides and imperfect technologies of agriculture, soil erosion, lack of quality of the gene pool of cultivated crops and farm animals, the need for warehouse infrastructure, a small population of villages. At the same time, there is much potential for development of the agricultural market as there is high demand for an understandable and honest product.

What do we offer?

Agriculture is a complex diversified structure where each industry can work independently and have an added value that increases the cost of the final product. "EcoPole" is a business format of a closed-cycle agricultural ecosystem of non-waste production in a relatively small area of ​​100 hectares. The success of this format is to diversify production on the basis of one enterprise in order to optimize the cost of added value.

What is diversification?

We want to organize the structure of a diversified enterprise using the positive experience of collective management. Using the most modern world technologies for mechanization of soil cultivation, control and preventive maintenance of fertility, storage, processing, logistics and sales of agricultural products, waste collection and processing. It will reduce the cost of the final product, while increasing the profitability of the enterprise and, as a consequence, the price of our tokens.
These industries include:

  • Mechanization

  • Warehouse infrastructure

  • Crop production

  • Olericulture

  • Livestock farming

  • Processing of products

  • Horticulture

  • Tourism

  • Waste treatment

What is optimization?

According to existing practice, if you deal with these areas separately, it becomes necessary to attract contractors which reduces profitability. For example, livestock can not exist without fodder and mechanization, crop growing and olericulture can not exist without warehouse infrastructure. Therefore, the only viable solution, in our opinion, is the development of all these areas within the framework of one enterprise.

Why is our project environment-friendly?

We organize a closed cycle for the conservation and utilization of the soil capacity for cultivation and grazing, while getting livestock products and manure that in turn become the raw material for biogas facility, and its production, i.e. biogas, heat and electric power, will be used by the enterprise in the production, processing and storage of agricultural products; biogas facility waste is a high-quality fertilizer that will be returned to the soil to nourish crops involved in crop rotation. Crop rotation in turn is also an eco-structure because crops use the potential accumulated by previous plants and accumulate nutrition for future crops in the soil. With an ecological approach to agronomy and the use of advanced modern technologies such as No till, it is possible to achieve high yields and preserve fertility for many years. We are not trying to create something unique. We want to apply the positive experience of the past years in symbiosis with modern technologies. A simple and understandable "collective farm" principle linked to advanced blockchain technology. In such a case, the soil is cultivated by a strong, well-equipped, caring, responsible host, the region gets a modern technological enterprise - a tax agent with capitalization of 300 mln RUB. Working people get 50 or more jobs with the possibility of comfortable living at the place of employment. Investors receive an annual capitalization growth of their tokens with 5-6 years payback period, the possibility of participation in the activities of the real sector of the economy, individual bonuses and discounts on products and services for Ecopole holders of up to 50%, strong (secured) decentralized asset and exchange tool.

What do we own at the moment.

In our property there are plots of land with a total area of ​​163 hectares. MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 tractors, a set of trailed and attached equipment for hay making and growing vegetables. A small farm with farm animals and poultry. Apiary. Capitalization of the economy is 10 million rubles. Three-year practical experience in agriculture. 12-years experience of doing business in the field of industrial and civil construction. The annual income of the farm is 1 million rubles. A reliable team. Desire and opportunity to work the land.

To implement the plan we will need...

A detailed plan with tables is described on Google documents: old whitepaper 2018




telegram: @ecopole

instagram: @ecopole.farm

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